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Monday, October 15, 2012


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Bottom of p. 28 at link:

'...With a mandate [summer 1991] from the CSCE to deploy thirty to fifty observers, named the “ice-cream men” by Yugoslavs for the white uniforms they chose, the EC began its first-ever effort at peacekeeping...'


John Chittck

Thanks to 2/3 of a Century of US protection, Europe poses no military threat to each other nor anyone else. The EU is now so flaccid, one wonders if they will even bother resisting the caliphate before it overtakes them demographically.

Previous winners of the prestigious award such as Al Gore and Barrack Obama are much more capable of great harm. The award has gone from green psychopath / scam artist to serial liar, closet socialist, and empty-chair narcissist-POTUS to uber-state leviathan. Imagine how much criticism Ayn Rand would have come under if she had put anything that bizarre into the pages of Atlas Shrugged given that all of her "surrealism" (actually, prescience) of the fifties has come to life.

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