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Thursday, November 08, 2012


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Yes, I think this was the last chance for the U.S. to pull back from the brink. If they think the riots and disturbances in Europe are something wait until they try austerity in the U.S. When they run out of money, which they must, the stealth default by inflation is going to become a hyperinflation.
For me as a fairly advanced senior citizen with a rather modest little retirement nest egg, it will be interesting to see if I'm still around once it becomes good for only a single loaf of bread.
Anyway I'm looking for a comfortable bridge to live under just in case.


A Romney victory would have sat far better with America's creditors and financial markets. Yesterday's stock market plunge was no accident, even though the MSM tried to write it off as a reactions to problems in Europe. Now that President Obama is firmly in charge, national bankruptcy is baked into the cake.

As to Republican strategy going forward, capturing more of the Hispanic vote is not out of the question. For the most part, Hispanics are a hard working bunch who share many of the same values as American conservatives. As for concerns about mass Hispanic immigration to the U.S., thanks to the Obama economy more Hispanics are leaving the U.S. than are entering it anyway.

Michael F

Someone recently wrote on one of these forums that we Canadians would have ring-side seats to America’s self-destruction. Problem is that Canadians typically follow the American example. And now the Americans seem to be following the examples of (not that I’m an historian) the Weimar Republic, Argentina, the USSR – not to forget Imperial Rome then and the Euro cabal today.
It could be that those thousands who are fleeing the disaster to warm and cheap southern countries (Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, among many) have an edge on those who opt to remain behind in the chaos, but what will their expatriate future be when the regular monthly supply of retirement dollars tanks?
I am old and limited in mobility and income. Do I follow the lead into expatriatism, or ride out the decline into penury here?


Impossible! I was told by Frum and other 'moderates' that Romney was totally electable even though he's Republican John Kerry. Principle and ideas are things you amputate so you can be successful like Hudak.

"Problem is that Canadians typically follow the American example."

Canadian conservatives are way ahead of you. They've given everything to Better Hair Bush aka Stephen Harper. And it will end with the same results, and they won't learn a thing.


On the other hand, if Obama follows the same policies for four more years, Canada, sitting next door just might become heir to the initiative, capital and entrepreneurship of the US as it flees the dead hand of regulatory government and environmental extremism. I mean where else are they going to go? Europe? China?

There's always a silver lining.

John Chittck

Nothing the Republicans in the House can do over the next four years will be seen as productive or useful by the mainstream media. The narrative of Republicans blocking "progress" will persist as long as Republicans stay engaged. Given that America is going over the fiscal cliff with or without an essentially futile delaying action which will do nothing to help the politics for the GOP, here's what they should do:

Go home and allow the Democrats to pass all the legislation that they want, disciplined only by their sense of futility as the world walks away from the most fiscally broke entity in the history of the planet. The unemployment numbers will balloon, the creators will go Galt, the currency will plummet or interest rates will surge, the dynamic economy will shrug (making the 47% more like 67%), tax revenue will shrivel despite any increases passed, and either the Democrats discover and embrace fiscal conservatism or they will take the country down, single-handed and own the wreckage, without Republicans to blame. Not the way career politicians like to position themselves for re-election in 2016. It would be worth the price of admission just to watch the Dems eat Harry Reid. I hazard a guess that they would likely eventually have to impeach their own dear leader.

Message to Republicans: Don't get into a fight with pigs. You can't win and if you try you only get dirty. Walk away and save your dignity. You know the drill: beans, bullets and Gold. The nation has earned what comes next.

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