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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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John Chittick

Talk about sophomoric self-serving drivel. I would be embarrassed to be am MP at such an event.

On a somewhat related topic, I am seeing more evidence of a united left in the offing. On the link above, Joyce Murray, a former BC Environment Minister and now Liberal MP is talking about closer ties with the NDP and Greens. Yesterday's by-elections saw a conservative narrowly beating the Greens and a green Liberal in Calgary Center. In Victoria, Murray Rankin, a life-long green and high-intellect lawyer (I know him), won the seat for the NDP, beating the Green candidate but with their combined support represents well over 60%. These individuals are all as green as Lizzy May and interchangeable as Liberals or NDPers.

I'm thinking that it could be green thread that stitches the leftist quilt together in Canada ending all future possibilities of conservative power. They have to be looking South where the Democrats are the single party of the institutional left which can cement power with an empty chair as leader in a nation with 8 - 10% more conservatives (GOP) in popular votes than in Canada where Conservatives govern.

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