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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


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RA, those Libs have you pretty worked up this morning. That must be a record long post of yours over the last decade.

The Libs ask : “How can Canadians create jobs and growth, and build a clean energy economy, when it’s harder than ever to make ends meet?”

That’s an excellent question. Where’s the answer?

Is this a Nancy Pelosi surprise box?
“Pass the Bill to see what’s in it”

That’s how progressives work. They are constantly looking for the latest Moses to come down from the mountain with tablets of policy instead of first developing policy and then looking for a leader who can best frame it, sell it and deliver it. You can’t help but conclude that Liberalism is more like a religion than an earthly endeavour.

Thus far in their wanderings in the wilderness, the closest they come to a product to sell is: “Liberals stand for growth, hope and opportunity.” Notice that’s 3 goals, a 50% increase on Hope and Change; that’s what’s known in Corporate parlance as “stretch goals”. Maybe the Libs Hired Tony Robbins the self-help guru to inspire them.

“I clicked Submit at the bottom of the page. I did that an hour ago. The little thing is still twirling”- How symbolic! RA that perpetual twirling thing could be a digital Burning Bush…maybe you have been chosen to deliver the tablets.


" how does the party know I'm not a Tory or Dipper? "

They don't. All the more reason for us to sign up en masse.

"ensure the annihilation of the Liberal party"

I do hope you are kidding Richard. You're smarter than that. That is high-grade stupid. Like 'PM Mulcair' stupid. The Conservatives are going to blow it eventually and in the meantime they are not rolling back government. Somebody is going to take their place. Lets hope it isn't a left united behind the NDP. We NEED the Liberal Party. They can be of use to us...

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