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Friday, November 30, 2012


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“The Liberal Party can coast on its image of ersatz compassion and ethnic vote bribery. The Tories need to project a vision of the future of Ontario. You didn't do that. Not even close.”

That’s right because those are cultural, social areas where a tribe can indeed be led by a liberal chief. But in areas of economics, if a conservative leader believes in free market capitalism, then by definition the people can’t be led. Instead they need to have faith that free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity and let the waters flow down the path of least resistance. All a conservative leader can do is spell out the state of the nation and then make it clear that the paths will be cleared for the waters to run. There is no end game, only constant adaptation.

So forget pandering to the liberal cultural tribes and the eco-fanatics, they want to be led by a Pied Piper and conservatives don’t do that, instead focus on the path to prosperity.

“Delivering a power point presentation doesn't have the same adrenaline rush as fighting through a media scrum.”

But that is what is needed on the economic front. It’s boring but even Romney won that part of the battle. Where Romney lost to liberals was on the cultural issues, the pill, abortion, gays, Hispanics...those are areas PMSH has managed to take off the table; especially social issues and then he put Jason Kenny on the road to deal with the ethnic issues. The GOP took no risks on the cultural or ethnic file and lost. Timmy took no risk on the economic file and lost.

With Timmy’s new agenda for economic growth (the number one problem in the Western World) he has finally hit the target. He now seems to have a plan for flexible labour, energy, transportation etc. This agenda is called The Paths to Prosperity with details on the PC web site. Had that been in place he might have won the election.

The question is: can we delete the bad memory: “of having been knuckling dragging and unreconstructed Harrisites that (Timmy) pandered to in the leadership campaign and then betrayed once elected.” ?


Being from Manitoba, I know what it's like to be stuck with a moribund Conservative party that practically concedes the election to the government before the writ is even dropped. We've been through this scenario first with Stu Murray, then with Hugh McFayden, and now it looks like we're condemned to repeat history with the present dud of a Tory leader Brian Pallister.


"He now seems to have a plan for flexible labour, energy, transportation etc. This agenda is called The Paths to Prosperity with details on the PC web site."

Which he will promptly bury and kill upon dropping the writ. Forget even his lack of spine: this guy couldn't sell crack to addicts. Hudak is a weird alien-looking thing with eyes that are too close together. Nobody likes him. Like Romney but without the hair.

I've started to realize that most conservatives, like Nomdeblog, enjoy losing. It lets them indulge in their persecution complex. That partly explains their adherence to the religion of centrism/incrementalism. They don't care that it doesn't work. The point is to show what a good 'team player' you are by not believing in anything other than The Team.

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