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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


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Speaking on the anthropological level: The lives of people in the past weren't as nasty, brutish or short as one might expect. In fact hunter-gatherers lived very healthy lives. The archaeological record attests to the fact that they were healthier, lived longer, experienced less famine and less illness than the early agriculturalists that eventually drove them out in Europe and the Near East. The hunter-gatherer lifestyle, being the lifestyle that humans originally evolved to live in, is in fact highly healthy.

That being said: These aboriginal nationalists are still full of bullshit in their naive, often uneducated views regarding their own past.


“He bemoaned the fact that many of the top graduates in the program had struggled to find entry-level positions at car rental companies. It isn't simply the humanities and social sciences degrees that have seen their market value plunge”.

That is a huge problem that can only be fixed by vibrant growth in the economy. During the usual rounds at Christmas parties this year is was startling how many of the Dads who usually complain about their kids taking gender studies and not finding work are now talking about their kids in commerce or MBAs who graduated a year ago and are still looking for work.

We have to grow the economy. That takes a lot of risk capital willing to invest and take chances. Big Government is a drag on growth.


I have three kids. Two went to university and got degrees and the youngest went to community college and learned a trade.
Guess which one has the most job security and can work seven days a week if he wanted to.
Oh, and he also makes more money than the other two.


The people who were living a stone aged existence here in North America can go back to living a stone aged existence without welfare, snow mobiles or guns. Oh yeah, and no big screen TVs, xboxs or automobiles too. We can stop with the houses and farms and send them off to hunt and fish, that being so good for them. If it was that good back then, well, I support their desire to head out in the wilderness and die in it. Of course, that isn't what this is all about, it is about other people's money, and how they can get it without working.

As for the government shoveling money into losing buisness, the corporate welfare needs to stop, that simple. Stop giving money away, it isn't an investment, it is a waste and nothing is gained from it.


I take exception to Eric's statement regarding hunter-gatherers. A study of pre-historical remains found a double-digit murder rate and short lifespan amongst these people. Their lives were terrible.


Cytotoxic: It does largely depend upon the level of advancement of the hunter-gatherer society. A primitive hunter-gatherer society such as the kind that existed in Africa and Europe for millions of years, based on small bands and kinship groups living together, experiences very little violent conflict with other groups or within itself, is surprisingly egalitarian and has a lower rate of famine or disease than most early agricultural societies. However in North America, more complex hunter-gatherer societies evolved, such as the Sioux and Lakota of the Prairies or the Iroquois and Huron of the East Coast. With more complexity came more hierarchy and also more tribal warfare and conflict between them.

I'm just pointing out that history isn't a narrative of short, brutish, miserable life styles all up into the modern age where everything suddenly becomes better in every way. I mean yes the modern lifestyle IS better, but other lifestyles had their own virtues in their own times. I certainly don't want to live as a hunter-gatherer, but I think scholarly honesty requires us to admit that the lifestyle was not 100% horrible.


Small tribes can work fine but the key is small populations with lots of space between the tribes. But in a complex globally connected economy that is heavily populated tribes don’t work. Tribes don’t work anymore in the now heavily populated Middle East and they don’t work here. They appeared to work for awhile because the Western world propped those tribes up with outside funding...oil money in the ME and welfare here. Without that propping up Darwin would do his work and they would adapt or collapse. So ...stop the propping.


Tell you what forked-tongue "aboriginals". You have been given land. If you wish to live your ancestors lifestyle then go live on the land you've been given, stay on it, and leave us all alone. By the way, the money train stops too. No cash for you as you don't need it to build a teepee.

The stench of corruption on the reserves should shame you all, but noooooooooo, insead of addressing that they gotta @[email protected]$$ up everyone elses lives instead.

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