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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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John Chittick

Somewhere nearby there is a full time paid economic development officer in a municipal or county level of local government along with their provincial counterparts in a Ministry of economic diversification or other similar sounding Silly-walk handle, all toiling long hours to dream up and facilitate such boondoggles. Then there are the consultants that work for the above and have great pedigrees in planning and Power Point presentations. But the real winners are the local politicians who , rather than confine their activities to sewer, water, and other services that resource sector communities need and want, all campaign on making those resource-based communities into something they're not. Most are "experts" in tourism and are experienced and readily entrepreneurial with taxpayers money. It sure beats having to gamble with your own money.


So Myron Scholes came from Timmins ...that’s a hoot. You sure don’t need a Black-Scholes pricing model to know that Timmins isn’t Nashville.


I can't wait for our housing bubble to pop and put a big damper on all this.


"Who the hell is going to travel hundreds of miles to visit a museum about a country music singer?"

I would, that's who.

After buying a new truck and spending too much time on Google maps I took off from my home in Harpers Ferry West Virginia headed for Kapuskasing as that looked like it was as far north as I could drive. Oh yeah, I also decided to make this trip in December. On the way back I came down through Timmins and was presently suprised to find Shania's museum (http://www.pbase.com/abbkab/image/24026902).

If a West Virginia boy can do his part to support this shrine what's wrong with the rest of you? /heavy sarcasm

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