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Thursday, March 14, 2013


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"Our flirtation with socialism has served as a kind of inoculation against more severe bouts of statist delirium."

I doubt it. I had a conversation with a colleague earlier this week, his solution to rising gas prices was for the gov't to nationalize all the oil companies and refineries and sell gas at cost to Canadians via gov't run gas stations.

I mentioned that Petro-Canada didn't work out, his response was that it wasn't done right the first time.

I've met Canadian "libertarians" that argue Canada is "better" than the US on the basis of our (gov't-run)health care, on the pretence that Canadians are known for helping people.

The statist rot runs deeper than you think...and that is exactly the desired result when the long march started during the cultural 'void' you mention in the late 1950's.

John Chittick

I wish I were wrong but I agree with Mikeg81. I can almost see the "logic" of some libertarians preferring Canadian Health care but not for its pseudo-humanitarianism but simplicity. Canada's system may be mediocre and rationed but in the US, the third party-payer system (under statist mandates) is dominant, complicated, overly expensive, unsustainable and integrated with three single-payer socialist systems. The American Left has shown no lack of enthusiasm to legislate with a fascist model that which they might otherwise prefer to do with a more overtly socialist model. The health care system is one such example.

My favorite example of Canadian statism etched into their souls is their tolerance and preference, even by self-described conservatives, for public ownership of 90% of the land mass. Even the utopian welfare state nations of Northern Europe thrive on almost exclusively privately owned land. For a resource-based economy, that leaves Canada highly vulnerable to Green Theocracy, whether domestic or foreign-driven.


John, there is a reason I put "libertarian" in quotes. They usually started off a discussion saying "I'm a libertarian, but...", followed by something statist.

I want to be wrong, too, but I think we are going to be royally screwed in the long run.

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