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Friday, March 29, 2013


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John Chittick

Yes, but those "Conservatives" are relatively competent leviathan managers compared to their competition. Today, their opposition doesn't come from the relatively more-statist looters, thugs, and green theocratic fascists across the floor so much as the dominant institutional-left culture which deems "conservatives" acting "as such" (presumably more libertarian) - verboten. Harper is just an astute "man of the people". Virtually all sacred cows of the centre-left will remain untouched under his guidance. He has become a less corrupt version of Chretien but with language skills and Reform zipped-up in his back pocket instead of on the other side of the floor.

The political real estate of the party of the Spawn of Satan has been stolen by Harper.

Jim Whyte

To Sir John's credit, the advantages of freer trade were not as well accepted then as they are now (Hell, it's even a bit of a fight to get people to admit it today!), and there was nothing like reciprocity with the large market nearby -- else why would Laurier have made "reciprocity" his platform later?

I've still got my Micron M1s, which is sometimes embarrassing at the local arena.


We need an army of citizen smugglers. Crowdsourcing via the internet and tools like Bitcoin should make this easier than ever.

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