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Friday, April 12, 2013


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Well put, but may I suggest that we can sum up the political program of the Young Prince in one word: Katimavik.

Jim Whyte

Katimavik, ouch.

Shiny Pony is not like his father, which would be bad enough; he's like the people that voted for his father.

John Chittick

The three major parties (Sorry, Lizzie) are vying to be the New Liberal Party for the benefit of the vast mushy middle of the Canadian electorate. Harper, who now governs like Chretien with language skills but more caution and less corruption so far; Mulcair, afraid of the S word even though it describes his party and most Canadians; and Trudeau, assuming his coronation in a few hours, personifies the mushy and mindless centre-left with a bonus genetic link to the ghost of Christmas past.

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