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Friday, April 19, 2013


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Jimmy Levendia

I laughed out loud reading this. If there were a better example of the absolute cluelessness of the average Canadian, you'd be hard put to find it. Ol' Papa Machiavelli was right: people judge only by appearance, and are not interested in reality. As long as you call yourself a Liberal in this country, you can commit conservative policy with impunity (think the balanced budgets and massive civil service cuts of the Chretien/Martin era). Hell, I remember the frantic sound and fury when Mulroney brought the GST in evaporating once the Liberals reversed themselves and kept the tax. Truly, people are ignorant sheep in this country: "four legs good, two legs baaaaaaad!"
Sorry, fellow devotees of reality, but this genuinely tickled me. I've been reading to much Mencken lately...wonder why.
We on the right need to begin a Gramscian Long March Through Institutions ourselves, camouflage ourselves as liberals, socialists, and progressives while advocating free market and conservative policy. Judging from the sand-pounding stupidity of The Masses, this is probably the only way to conservatives won't be accused of having a hidden agenda. "Comrades! Taxes must be reduced and onerous bureaucracy must cease oppressing the working classes! Who are the working classes? Why, those who are productive, of course! Don't YOU want to be productive, comrade? What are you, a reactionary parasitic lackey of bourgeois bureaucracy?"
Truly, democracy is the funniest form of government ever invented.

Fenris Badwulf

Ah, the 'low information voter' meme, which points at Plato 'democracy does not work'. Oh right, he called it rule by the mob.

Does Democracy work?

Jimmy Levendia

My dear Badwulf, it is bad taste to make accusations of Platonism among Aristotelians:)

It is more accurate to say that democracy is workable, if certain requirements are met: ancient commentators like Polybius believed that the best government is a mix of democratic, aristocratic and monarchical features- the American Founders took that insight to heart in designing their government. Representatives who are at least somewhat well rounded and not mere venal vote-assembling automatons (coughMcGuintycough) would be good, as well as a population which sees public affairs as important, as worth thinking about.
Democracy is not some Platonic Form that, once instituted works flawlessly, automatically, without any other input from the population except for the occasional vote.


In short no democracy is evil and self-destructive. And yes, we do need a long march through institutions using whatever means necessary to do it-lying, cheating, treachery. Think of it as 'libertarian Taqiyya'.


First, recall the brief media crush on Joe Clark, young,Western, bilingual, and such a *progressive* Conservative, a Tory that Liberals could love but not necessarily vote for.

Second, federal politics seems like high school politics because it is high school politics, driven by twenty-something staffers who have grown older without having grown up.

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