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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


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This is why Cody Wilson is a hero. Defense Distributed will do more for freedom than any party ever could.
I have to say it again: the big reason we are losing the culture war is because of losing the intellectual war. And that is because of 'conservatism'. As long as fight with oxymorons like 'conservative principles' you can't win. It's like fighting a war with backward guns made of construction paper.

PS Cummins is a huge tool and has single-handedly ruined whatever chance the BCCP has. Need Danielle Smith clone army.


“His crime? Saying that we should be discouraging single parenthood. ...I'm guessing Mr Popoff is unfamiliar with the Iron Law of Canadian politics: You cannot say or do anything conservative while being affiliated with a Conservative Party.”

That should read “you cannot say anything SOCIALLY conservative...”

That’s because we’ve handed our 6 year olds over to the NDP for half a century. Thus cultural issues now belong to the left unless we as a party are prepared to fund and organize a full throttle attack on social issues that we’re prepared to die on the hill for.

I recall several years ago some MP candidate in Alberta when asked by the CBC if he thought abortions should be discouraged with young people who had not properly “Planned Parenthood”. His response was that they should be offered counselling as to the pros and cons of abortions. The CBC immediately turned that into a Sandra Fluke type of conservative “war on women”.

We simply don’t have the resources to take on the left wing media and academia and all the institutions lined up against us unless we have a well thought out game plan beforehand.

The above issue in Alberta caused the Conservative party to be bogged down for weeks defending itself instead of campaigning on its platforms and thus wasting millions of dollars of campaign funding to try to get back on track. But if the Liberals had done something similar “the CBC would be hailing these (counselling ideas) as brilliant observations.”

In short these cultural issues cannot be changed by bozo eruptions. They are engrained in our society over decades. Politics is downstream from culture. We should not waste 10’s of millions of conservative Party money trying to change the culture.

“We are engaged in a cultural war in Canada as in most of the English speaking war.”

Right! Again, we should not fight that with Party money. We should do that by joining social clubs like the Rotary Club and fighting for our social views there. This will take decades. Although some young people who I talk to are starting to question the brainwashing they’ve been handed by academia and the MSM.


"Politics is downstream from culture. We should not waste 10’s of millions of conservative Party money trying to change the culture."

It flows both ways. When the state is as big as it's gotten, it influences culture. And even if the CPC money were totally wasted that would still be an improvement over its current use which is to erode Canadian freedoms. May as well throw it something like this.

There can't be a 'game plan' for bazillions of politically disparate Canadians. There needs to be an intellectual movement that conservatism can't provide.

John Chittick

Party politics always trends to being under the thumb of spin doctors, not unlike corporations. I would much rather the constitution limit all aspiring politicians to one term per elected office and risk that legislatures be populated with numerous single-term Mischa Popoffs than well lubricated creatures continuously pimping through re-election cycles. The very notion of re-election is a conflict of interest and repugnant(and this is coming from someone who did a nine year stint in municipal office).

Better still, why not eliminate elections and appoint at random for staggered six month stints like Jury duty with a PM and cabinet elected from within. I think it was WFB Jr who postulated that he would rather be governed by the first 500 names from the Boston Phone Book than the faculty at Harvard (I would extend that to include the average career politician).

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