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Monday, June 17, 2013


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"How many more mini-scandals, with their dripping effect on public perception, can the government take before its reputation for relative honesty is destroyed? Not many."

Not any. Too late the dye is cast the camel's back is broken. The (mythical) aura of competence the Tories had is gone the public doesn't buy it anymore. Their only hope is in a leadership reset ie turf Harper.

John Chittick

When at least 90% of the activities and roles of the federal government are illegitimate functions of the state IMHO, and when all Parties capable of attaining power to attempt to manage (grow) such have no problem in doing so, the insignificant cost of the theatre of politics doesn't get me too excited.

When leviathan is in the room, who, other than the mindless who have been pimped into slavery, really cares if she has a pimple on her ass?


It is true that there is a cumulative effect to mini scandals, but by historic standards, these are pretty mini, and hardly representative of most MPs. Some of the problem is sloppiness, but some relates to over-regulation by the House and certainly by Elections Canada. All that said, the PMO needs to organize a session for MPs and spend some of their cash on some minders for the boys and girls.

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