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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


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Farmer Joe

As far as the number of laws on the books go I think we have more than enough. I've long thought that a line in the snow should be drawn and that any new law or regulation should only be allowed if first you took an old one off the books. This would force politicians and bureaucrats to finally do their jobs by actually having to priorize what it is that should be done instead of going madly off in all directions, which is the case today.


The Cons haven't cut an iota of red tape aside from some environmental regulatory changes and they never will. This is all so much empty gesticulating. The machine is running itself, and it's running us.


Re: Farmer Joe

Agreed, but it isn't going to happen. When you have a Parliament full of lawyers, they aren't going to kneecap their fellows in the law industry by removing laws.

It's not only the amount of laws(which is far too much), but the wording and language. It should not take years and thousands of dollars for someone to be able to interpret the law. It puts the average person at a massive disadvantage, forcing them to spend thousands to hire a lawyer to interpret laws made by lawyers(see above).

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