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Friday, July 26, 2013


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I must differ on this one:

"Canadian Army: Pips, Crowns, Leaves, Whatever, Cont’d"

A "tradition" that has been gone almost 50 years is not much of one--renaming the RCAF and RCN is different as those names are still associated with our participation in major wars whereas pips? crowns? as rank insignia?

This thread at Milnet.ca suggests that an awful lot of CF serving members, including Army, think the same way:

A youngish friend in the military had one word for the latest changes: "Retarded". QED.

Mark Collins


More Milnet.ca snark:

"The obvious solution to any potential cost for these changes is to simply have officers purchase their commissions. In fact such a scheme could be an excellent boost to the CF. There would be no more complaints of HQ bloat in Ottawa or too many high ranking officers in tiny Reserve units if having those positions actually helped pay for some useful kit!.."

Keep scrolling down (or up!).


Richard Anderson

As a youngish reactionary I regard your comments as treasonous!

Jim Whyte

Hi Mark,

The tradition may have been "gone" for 50 years (from the Reg Force, that is) but if serving soldiers find it retarded, maybe that says something about them, rather than about the tradition.

For example: I recall the Gomm-Moran "Corporals' Report" of a few years ago, with plenty of intelligent thinking about Army structure and doctrine, and the completely irrelevant suggestion that RCR, PPCLI, and R22e be lumped into a single Canadian Infantry with numbered battalions.

All that said to me was that they should have paid better attention when hearing the Regimental history in GMT.

Hellyerization had two prongs, not one: unification, which robbed the Services of differentiation and distinction, and the conscious suppression of Service history, which had British roots and was therefore Bad.

In the Militia the pips-and-crowns rank badges persisted on uniforms other than the green suit into the 90s, and with some units even today.


It hurts to see your traditions trashed and changed by people you don't particularly care for, doesn't it Mark? Now you know how we've felt for the last 50 years.

I hear Harper's next move is to shut down the CBC and start funding SUN News.

Jim Whyte

Whoa, Arty...if you think that about Mark, you don't know him so well.


Milnet.ca is a joke. Last time I checked, there isn't a provision in the Code of Service Discipline that makes allowances for members to comment on service policy.


I still don't see why I should have to pay for an indulgence of a monarchy I don't believe in. This is dumb.

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