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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


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John Chittick

What she said in quotes is harmless enough. Who doesn't think that climate changes and that humans have "some" effect on said changes. The test is whether or not she succumbs to the greasy spin doctors when it comes to related policy. The political lemming class feel obligated to jump on the CAGW (rent seeking enabling) bandwagon and then enact some idiotic bromide which consists of all cost and no benefit. Progressives always feel good about doing "something" which always grows leviathan a little more.

That's not to say that she will not eventually succumb to the demands of the free-stuff-demanding electorate and become just another conservative progressive, the closer she gets to being in power.


The warming stuff I could take but the abandonment of free speech and the outright bizarre dropping of a provincial pension and police force made WR basically pointless. Worse, there was never ANY data presented to support the notion that these moves were beneficial to WR's popularity let alone necessary. This has been done before. Quebec's CAQ was its center-right hope-until 'Top Men' steered into the abyss in search of the non-existant center.

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