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Thursday, October 31, 2013


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Total waste of money, but as we have seen in past elections, when the CPC wants to turn off the taps the rent seekers scream and then the NDP and Liberals go into overdrive to keep the trough filled.

I dream of the day when the CPC actually does some more conservative things but I have to be content that the CPC is the most conservative of the bunch. I cringe at the thought of the NDP in charge of the federal purse, and we all know how the Liberals have treated taxpayer dollars.

The CPC are the best of a bad lot. Any move to the right must be minor as the press attacks them relentlessly. Note, that all of the items that you point out as a waste of money are greeted by the press with indifference. As soon as they try and save a buck by cutting someone off of the public teat the press wails over the CPCs lack of compassion and "social justice" (two words that may share a sentence but should not be positioned together in my opinion).

John Chittick

The Minister(s) in charge of silly walks and arts is only doing their job(s) by distributing loot to the appropriate client group. What else is a parliamentary suck-up and non boat-rocker supposed to do with their just reward but pass along the spoils of leviathan. It's in the job description of the Ministry and there's always the Deputy Minister and her staff to remind the minister when their role is forgotten.

Besides, getting to hang out with the Illuminati poseurs at cock-tale parties is a bonus, particularly for the vacuous conservative progressives who actually think the arts community to be a clientele that potentially vote conservative.


"The CPC are the best of a bad lot."

This is not fact but rather something you want to be true presented as fact. Given the superior fiscal record of the '90s Liberals and Trudeau's superior Marijuana policy, there is ample reason to believe he could be better.


Given the Liberal's record of the 2000s I beg to differ. And the accidental fiscal management of the 1990s was an aberation forced on the Liberals by the time, and not by their stated policies in the Red Book. Also I am not a proponent of recreational drugs, so I can't see how that make son of Pierre any better either.


"And the accidental fiscal management of the 1990s was an aberation forced on the Liberals by the time"

So what? They still win on hte scoreboard.

"Given the Liberal's record of the 2000s I beg to differ."

You mean the record that was objectively superior to Conservative record since 2006?


Here is a link to GPD growth in Canada. I don't see an upward trend until we gave the boot to Mr Dithers and the thieving Liberal Party


So, from my point of view, looks like the CPC record has been superior, objectively speaking.


Seriously? The state plunders us to give money to the 'arts' and you guys are arguing over who will plunder us better.

No wonder we're screwed.

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