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Monday, November 25, 2013


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Daniel Ream

Well, he seems to not like the idea of preserving anything for art's sake; his tongue seems to be firmly in cheek on the Halls ("I have fond memories of them, so keep them").

I wouldn't think any libertarian or property-rights conservative would be on board with "heritage" buildings; if people like them so much, they can raise the cash to buy them and preserve them on their own.

Jimmy Levendia

How the mighty have fallen. The Modernist architects, those prophets of Le Corbusier's "Radiant Future", would have razed Osgoode Hall & Old City Hall first. Too, they would have done it with relish as men in the grip of a strong vision, one of wiping the slate of History clean and starting anew. Le Corbu's vision itself was a mere facet of that strange, all encompassing godless Puritanism called "Socialism", that marred & blackened so much of the last century.

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