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Friday, November 22, 2013


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Good one. It's rants like this that keeps me coming back.


You have, in only a few paragraphs, distilled the reason that modern democracies (which even my supposed republic has morphed into) are, in most every case, ruled so self-destructively.
Our elites are the worst of us and the rest of us so foolish that we cannot figure this simple fact out and thus vote for them, over and over.
That Obama was elected once may be the fault of the media, that he was re-elected is a condemnation of the America people.
Our society as a whole (not all individuals, of course) deserves everything it will get just as Venezuela deserves its imminent catastrophe. Ours is not far behind.
Another bright side to a nobility is that you could blame God or fate for your terrible rulers. We can only blame ourselves and/or our neighbors.

John Chittick

While I was reading your supposed virtues of leaders who have won the genetic lottery, I kept seeing images of the Spawn of Satan (Trudeau, for those who haven't read my rants before). And, while you were attempting condescension on the commoners, I kept seeing this image of a shop keeper's daughter who went on to become one of the better PMs of the last Century.

I tend to ID the mindless from all backgrounds, an equal opportunity elitist, I suppose.

Jimmy Levendia

Sometimes, even the Rosedale elites are right. To be blunt: I'm a fat, forty, working class truck driver (Thank you, 2008 recession) living in Etobicoke. I should be carrying a passport for Ford Nation...but I don't. I despise Ford (& his brother) as ridiculous low lifes, without honour. I rather like Tory, mainly because he's not a mouth-breather. Outrage against evil, evil elitism leave me cold. The problem with democracy is that the common man is susceptible to envy of his perceived betters. Just ask Aristides the Just.

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