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Monday, December 02, 2013


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John Chittick

When the lie is the norm and the truth accidental then you have the situation of Obama. The lies get quite easy to deal with - one just always assumes the opposite of what the teleprompter reader states and you can't go wrong. What's more disconcerting is the bovine digestion of those words by the shameless media.

On that same visit to Seattle, the Imperial President spent roughly $5,000,000 of taxpayer loot to cover the cost of the small army of security personnel, multiple aircraft and about 40 vehicles that fly with him in transports etc. The airport is shutdown and flights delayed for hours while city traffic is brought to a standstill in large swaths. The purpose of the visit was to attend private fundraisers for the Democratic Party at which they raised $2,000,000. Not one member of the media asks a question about the impropriety (decadence and immoral squander of public loot for political use). They all may do it at some level but this Presidency is more imperial than all monarchies combined, ever.

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