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Monday, December 02, 2013


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John Chittick

This is just another reason why public education is no longer a viable institution. The inherent civil war within Western civilization has left the educational establishment incapable of fostering tolerance of the "other", whether it be secular, religious, multi-culti or whatever.

The public school curricula is now a political prize to be won at the polls and shoved down the "other's" throats. If the universality of public school opportunity is sacrosanct to most, then the public authority should, at most, offer vouchers but should disengage from all direct educational activities including accreditation.


Compared to the toxic draught of socialist utopianism combined with the soulless enabling mechanism of globalist capitalism that we currently live under, Fascism would seem an oasis of enlightened and civilized modern behavior.

I'd go for it if I didn't think many of the ones creating the current situation would hop from that to a new fascist state like the rats they are when they realize their Whore of Babylon will eat herself. Fuckin statist parasites.

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