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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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So, after proving you don't need Quebec to gain a majority, the Tories are going to prove you need Quebec for a majority.


Can we please oh please put to bed the fanciful notion that Harper is some kind of brilliant strategist? Where did this myth even come from? Was it spun whole out of the delusional fever dreams of team blue? Harper has never ever shown any strategic capability. He will, of course, blow 2015 to the surprise of only himself and his fanboys.

Jim Whyte

One thing, though: there is the convention about bringing Ministers in from all regions of the country, and the Cons would be rightly concerned about the wailing and gnashing of teeth if they (1) didn't bring a few Quebec members into cabinet or (2) dipped into the Senate as Clark did, especially in view of the Cons program to delegitimate the Other Place.

(Sidenote: Jacques Flynn probably beats the hell out of most Ministers of Justice since his short tenure.)

You might be able to finesse one more Quebec minister by appointing a Senator as Government Senate Leader, but the anti-Tory chattering class would see through that as a dummy appointment.

All in all the Beauce/Charlevoix area (the last redoubt of the old Creditistes) is probably the one where the Quebec Con vote will be least fickle -- faute de mieux, but you take what you can get.

Fact of political life in this country -- a seat where you ain't got no seats is more valuable than a seat where you gots 'em. No extra help when the division bells ring, granted, but much nicer optics.

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