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Tuesday, July 01, 2014


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Gerry T. Neal

"Canadians traditionally don't do family dynasties, at least not at the federal level and rarely at the provincial."

While I get what you mean, I feel compelled to remind you that our head of state inherited her position from her father in what is a very distinguished and long-standing family dynasty, support of which lies at the very heart of our national tradition. ;)

Happy Dominion Day!
God save our Queen and Heaven bless the Maple Leaf forever!

Richard Anderson

I'm perfectly fine with that dynasty!


Thank you for this post. It seems to me to be the most clear-eyed and accurate description of the Hon. Member for Katimavik that I've read. I am of the generation that was in university when Trudeau pere came on the scene. By 1970, I knew better about the totalitarian behind the rose. He was, however, well-read, well-schooled. However, far too many of my generation, particularly women who desperately want to believe that it is 1969 again, take to him like a welfare recipient to Obama.

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