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Monday, August 25, 2014


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"He has seen Toronto go from an efficient WASPish town into a disorganized multicultural bazaar."

Oh no he hasn't. There is no evidence of any negative effects from immigration in Canada, period. End of story. Assimilation is working as well as it ever did. I've heard enough of this 'end of the west' conservative melodrama as much as I've heard enough about how global warming will kill us all. Leave the reactionary doomsaying to Mark Steyn.

I'm also real tired of hearing how awesome previous generations were and how we just can't even grasp their importance today because we are so lame. Those previous generations are much of the reason the government is so huge today Millenials didn't do that. I have no reason to believe current generations aren't as thrilled by Space X and other advances as much as previous ones.


Congratulations on the blogiversary! Race you to twenty! ;-)

John Chittick

I raise my cup of Timmy's to another ten years, Richard.


More "Der Untergang des Abendlandes":



It's been a solid 10 years on your part Richard.

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