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Thursday, October 23, 2014


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Better idea: get rid of the ceremony entirely. It's a silly bit of romanticized state-worship. Citizenship should just be a legal arrangement with the papers signed in the same routine non-ceremonious manner.

John Chittick

Islamic supremacism is ascendant particularly where multicultural nihilism has hollowed out the host nation and this is just one example of the testing, probing, Taqiyya, and litigating in that project. This individual has no interest in becoming Canadian in any way that you or I understand that honour. She is here to further the transition to Shariah compliance either quietly through demographics (falling into the so-called moderate Muslim misnomer) or through a more kinetic form known as Jihad.

Given my preference for liberty, I don't want the nation to adopt fascism to defend against such a transition so I prefer the lifting of all forms of thought control and restrictions on free speech along with the recognition of and free exercise of property rights. IOW, no public discrimination but private discrimination - unfettered.

Given how far the deranged dominion has traveled down the road to serfdom and the demographics of our immigration legacy, I fear ultimately, the most likely outcome will be totalitarian and or Shariah. Or, after 1400 years of stasis, Islam will reform and pigs will fly.

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