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Friday, December 26, 2014


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Will S.

Manning and Harper betrayed the Reform Party cause when they embraced 'Unite the Right' in the late 90s; and for that matter, Peter McKay's betrayal of David Orchard told me all I needed to know about the Tories with whom the Alliance was merging. I for one refuse to vote Tory. Never, unless they actually become something like what Reform was.


Manning was the worst thing to ever happen to Reform. He doomed it. He was never a consistent small-government advocate but rather a populist and his bad of populist ideas included the good but also a lot of bad, particularly his passion for 'democratizing' this or that. That includes the EEE senate which would not have improved Canada. Just more voting. It is fitting and goodly that Manning should remove Smith and her fellow malcontents from the WRP. One toxin removes another. Now the WRP is free to do something interesting.

John Chittick

Conservatives, including WRP, are content with the status Quo levels of the fatally mixed economy (the legacy of NDP policy adopted by centrists) and falsely believing that they can manage the situation by adding just enough incremental statism to be "electable". In Manning's case, he has been absorbed somewhat by the green theocracy and obviously favours statist growth in that direction. He really has just substituted Pantheism for Christianity for its overwhelming populist appeal.

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