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Thursday, February 19, 2015


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Jim Whyte

Tangential to that -- why do we see the nominally "federalist" NDP (scare quotes because I don't really like the word) making the budgetary health of Radio-Canada their hobby in the House?

The party that once couldn't put together a game of two-handed Fish in Quebec is now the one that's looking out for the PQ's interest in Ottawa. The NDP was soft on Quebec nationalism from its origin in 1961 (Eugene Forsey wrote an account of the development in his autobiography), but standing up and representing the nationalist interest is a new thing in this Parliament.

That suggests either:

1. The NDP now sees it as party policy to encourage devolution of power to Quebec; or
2. Mulcair has very little control over the caucus (not a bad thing, necessarily, as I've said before); or
3. Mulcair is himself a Quebec nationalist in ex-Librano clothing.

And a beard, of course. Quite a nice beard if you like them.

John Chittick

Quebec seems to go all tribal with whomever they chose to be represented by in Ottawa. It's their form of FU politics to the ROC. Separatist posing aside, the NDP is a much better fit for a dominant socialist culture like Quebec.

Searching for pearls in Clam Chowder would be exhaustive and futile. One might have more success with an Oyster Chowder.

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