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Thursday, May 28, 2015


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That article is complete bunk that was already trashed at Reason. The Seasteading Institute is still on and active and backed by Thiel.

Seasteading isn't about running away at least not entirely. It's about setting up a kind of 'ideological sun', like the USSR was to communism. The ZEDE are too. We haven't had much success convincing people without one and we won't in future. This has been going on far longer than Obama's term. There's nothing wrong with running away when the fight isn't going anywhere. Most people are simpletons and offering our arguments to them is like casting pearls before swine.

John Chittick

I suspect that most who "go Galt" tend to do so less publicly. Rather than struggle to build and be a part of a libertarian "collective" in plain sight, many with means simply drop out of the more productive and prosperous endeavors and or locations in lieu of minimal income and thus tax-paying activities thus pursuing other endeavors that doesn't contribute to the growth of leviathan.

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