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Tuesday, May 05, 2015


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John Chittick

Alberta has been governed NDP under the Conservative banner for decades. Their per capital spending makes Ontario's look constrained. The last Alberta conservative premier was Harry Strong, a Socred. They bought off the public sector unions forgetting that they never vote for anyone other than NDP and in fact are an appendage of the NDP.

In Canadian politics you have two successful factions:

The happy-faced socialists such as the BC Liberals, Alberta Conservatives, WRP, Harper's Conservatives and Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party. These folks accept the socialized health care, education and publicly owned resources but have a business friendly posture. They essentially have no problem with the leviathan state. They haven't killed their golden geese.

The other is the dour-faced, union brand, humourless, zombie-socialists of the NDP, Ontario Liberals and much of the green theocracy. Trudeau's Liberals mostly live here as do all elements of the institutional left (labour, academia, entertainment, arts and media). These folks are openly hostile to business but have varying degrees of pragmatism.

Alberta's happy-faced socialists total 50% of the provincial popular vote. Too bad it's split 50/50 between the Conservatives and the WRP, allowing the lower core support for the dour-faced socialists to potentially win Tuesday.


Yeah no this article is totally wrong. It was eight years ago that Red Ed Stelmach jacked up royalty rates to thunderous applause from Albertans. That was effectively NDP governance. There's really no reason to believe this was a result of 'outsiders' coming in. This disaster was made in Alberta. Further, Calgary has been electing Liberals for decades now. Nenshi is less of a change than you think.

Will S.

I think this is partly the case, but I also think the sheer number of immigrants from around the world, not just Ontario, also play a role, what with many foreigners buying into identity politics once they settle in Canada, which means voting either Liberal or NDP, and since the Liberals are not as strong an option in Alberta, the NDP is a more natural party for them to gravitate towards.

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