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Monday, October 19, 2015


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This is impossible. I was repeatedly told that Harper was a political genius who was nudging Canada to the Right. Don't tell me that was fantasy BS?

John Chittick

Watch for Joyce Murray to play a key role in the green theocracy that follows. The return of the mushy middle to the LPC now leaves the CPC where it can start refreshing itself, perhaps by inviting the return of those libertarians that were cast away when they went all law and order.

Will S.

We sure are living in 'interesting times', as per the old Chinese curse.

Jim Whyte

"Justin is a Catholic in the same sense that Stephen Harper is a forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs."

Maybe Lou Lamoriello will give him a PTO. Mark Fraser and Devon Setoguchi were long shots too.

Adam Maas

A solid take on things, with one exception.

Trudeau isn't his father's son. He is his mother's son.

He lacks the backbone, intelligence, education and political will of his Father. He substitutes his mothers looks and pleasant demeanor.

Trudeau the Elder, for all his faults, was a leader of men and dominated the party he led for 16 years of power and the next 20 after he retired. It wasn't until Stephane Dion rose to power than the Liberals ceased being Trudeau's party.

Trudeau the Younger is a pretty, pleasant face for his party, who was chosen to allow the eminence gris to work behind the scenes to actually run things while he distracted the voters with his youthful demeanor and famous name. This will work in his favour right until the infighting starts (and it will, we're talking about the Liberals here) at which point everything will fall apart again, just like it did under the last three weak leaders.

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