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Monday, November 16, 2015


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Mark Collins

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John Chittick

The Jihad is once again in ascendancy, likely not since the Turkish genocide of Armenians has there been this much Jihadi action. Terrorism is a tactic and as such is meaningless in describing the threat.

The progressive west in general is not up to the task of even defining the threat without weasily modifiers. The Spawn is not even that clued-in. "Islamist terrorism" is itself a redundancy as terrorism is inherent in jihad which is a duty for practicing Muslims. I realize that only a relatively small percentage of Muslims engage in kinetic Jihad but it is my contention (and one supported by polling) that a more significant percentage looks on in quiet approval. They can play the long game to dominance through demographics. Islam is a global supremacy doctrine not a religion of peace.

The west will not survive the long game by expending blood and treasure in fighting Jihadists in the ME. This is an ideological battle and unless the ideology is properly identified appropriate measures can't be taken.

The Spawn's hasty plan to import 25000 "Syrian Refugees" is a greater threat to Canadians than ISIS as it's a virtual guarantee that Jihadis will be embedded in the mix.


Trudeau elder's actions in response to the FLQ were far more dangerous to Canadian freedoms than the FLQ ever was. The WMA was a wildly inappropriate response and was probably enacted so Trudeau could live out his strongman fantasy. I'll take the immaturity of his son over the 'strength' of his father or Harper, as would all who value freedom at all.

"The Spawn's hasty plan to import 25000 "Syrian Refugees" is a greater threat to Canadians than ISIS as it's a virtual guarantee that Jihadis will be embedded in the mix."

It's a virtual guarantee that a lethal accident will occur somewhere in this province but it won't stop me from driving.


Cytotoxic, accidents are accidental, and you have the choice to avoid driving accidents by not driving. A terrorist attacking you is for now a much less likely thing statistically, but it won't be an accident, and you have no effective choice whether to present yourself for random selection as a target or not.

The comparison of the Prime Ministers Trudeau in their effectiveness in dealing with a terrorist movement should not be made without comparing the terrorist movements, lest we give the elder too much credit. The FLQ was a tiny and by Islamic jihad standards mild-mannered bunch of dilettantes. He found in his French identity enough reason not to go fight the Nazis, I think like today's progressives and leftists he would find excuses for Islam.

Jim Whyte

My father and Pierre Trudeau were born nine years apart. Not exact contemporaries, but it will do to compare. One was a railwayman's son; the other a millionaire's son. One left school at 16; the other went to U of M, Harvard, and Sciences Po. One went halfway around the world to fight the Nazis; the other motorcycled around Montreal in a coal scuttle helmet. One fought the Communists in the trade union movement; the other dined with Fidel.

The Mark Steyn analysis is correct: on the two big ideological questions of the 20th century, Trudeau chose the wrong sides. Another man, more obscure, and without Trudeau's advantages of birth, chose the right ones.

It's hard, therefore, to analyze Trudeau's motives in suppressing the FLQ. I can appreciate the decisiveness, and I don't wholly agree with Cytotoxic that the imposition of the War Measures Act -- which to this day some bozos still conflate with a proclamation of "martial law" -- was that harmful to our liberties (I was there). But the separatists were also a direct challenge to his political power base at a time when the Liberals needed Quebec to maintain a majority government (a problem that grew more acute in 1972). Good ends, yes, but Trudeau had his motives too.

The Dauphin seems too callow even to have motives. No, he's not like his father. Broken record time: he's like the people that voted for his father.

It has been our good fortune, but also our bad fortune, to live in the protected bubble of the North Atlantic for the last two centuries. Its anthem is an old song, crooned by Sen. Dandurand in the '30s, about how we live in a fireproof house. Compound that with '60s peace-love-dope fatuity, to which the Dauphin is an intellectual (perish the thought!) heir, and you get the particular strain of Canadian pacifism that we have to fight today. (Eric Cartman, my lodestar in these matters, called it "tree-hugging' hippie crap", and I can offer no better.)

Good fortune, because we grew and prospered and industrialized while other countries took the brunt of the world wars. Bad, because the good fortune has lulled many of us to sleep. You could argue the most direct threat to Canada were Cold War missiles over the pole, but even that didn't get a great many Canadians off their pacifist asses.

But that fireproof house? Not so much, not no more, and paries cum proximus ardet. Cue Justin and his lyre.

Jim Whyte

Not to mention all the other lyres in the Liberal party. Ba-dum.

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