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Friday, November 20, 2015


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John Chittick

Tonight on the CBC, Brad Wall and his call for taking more time to vet the "refugees" got a supportive editorial from Rex Murphy. The left likely thinks that Rex is crazy so I doubt that he will be called a racist.


Canada has never had a single attack from a refugee, probably because it makes no sense at all for a terrorist to come in that way. These refugees have spent years in refugee camps, have been screened by the UN (with a massive rejection rate) and now will be heavily screened by Canada. Between 2008 and 2013, America let in 30,000 Somalians when Somalia was under increasing control by Al-Shabab. Not a single attack. It's easier to come in by a tourist visa. Wall and other fear-mongers must be brushed aside. It is clear that the benefits of letting refugees in massively outweighs the risk.

Jim Whyte

Cyto, what benefits? (To us, I mean.)


The economy is always better off with immigration because of the broadened labour base. We also need people to dilute the high levels of derp present in the Millenial generation.

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