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Friday, February 19, 2016


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John Chittick

Coyne and Ezra are opposites in many ways. Whereas Ezra generally takes a principled conservative or libertarian stance on most every issue, he does so in a way that makes the drawn out presentation almost intolerable, similar to the time-filling bombast of Rush Limbaugh, while Coyne conversely, often spews nonsense but does so with style. The man endorsed the Spawn after all! That says it all.

As for Notley's performance, talk about amateur hour in Alberta. There's a government created from a nation-wide NDP brain-trust stuck in sophomoric Poly Sci 101 and that's the hired help for the Cabinet ministers with even less qualifications.


"The great sin of Ezra is that he is terribly rude. "

No his sins are that he is reckless with facts, dishonest, self-indulgent, and clownish. He is a walking disaster and Coyne was being too kind, although everything Coyne said was accurate, as usual.

If you think The Rebel is a remotely appropriate platform for The Right then you're off your rocker and should stop blogging. The Rebel is a joke. There is not a lie or mistruth they won't tell if it fits their narrative and inflates Ezra's self-regard. The Rebel has little to do with freedom and much to do with hysterics over Muslim immigrants and other Kultur Kamp BS.

Jim Whyte

When Cyto hears the word "Kultur" he reaches for his Kamp BS ;o)

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