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Friday, February 26, 2016


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You are right about the Canadian electorate's attitude to our defence.

For centuries their moat, the English Channel, really did afford Britain effective isolation from its various mortal enemies, compared to the situation of those various mortal enemies who were also each other's various mortal enemies separated only by a line on a map. So that's where that historical idea comes from. Most of the time if the British just kept a big enough RN it could keep the actual country isolated from threats. From time to time it would have to contribute ground forces to an alliance to disrupt a continental power that threatened to become strong enough to attack Britain directly, but again if it did that it kept the actual home island relatively isolated from the ravages of war.

Not a bad idea to get a retired RN admiral who spent much of his career on ship procurement to advise us. We do have different problems and requirements in naval matters, but like anthropology, studying someone else's can help us be more objective about our own.

Apart from that, our defence and security problems are quite like Britain's - while we want to be able to maintain our independence we can't afford to go it alone so we have to contribute enough to alliance efforts to earn the respect and mutual support of neighbours and allies. And our biggest threat is actually from letting the wrong sort of immigrant come and attack us directly or use our country as a base to attack others.


If Canada wants control over the Arctic then it better prepare to break the bubble, or have it broken for them.

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