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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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John Chittick

Obama has no intention of defeating ISIS in the ME therefore following his lead is a fool's game. I'm just delighted that I am not a Canadian forces commander in that theatre under the Spawn's ROE that would make Vietnam's look doable by comparison. We should never have gone there. Never go to war without an end game that includes victory.

The Jihad is here and the Spawn acts like an Islamophiliac camp councilor of a nation of bovine dhimmis which pretty much sums up the nation that elected him.

Jim Whyte

Sympathies to the CDS. Humoring the higher-ups is never fun, and his evasion brings to mind Anthony Eden in 1956: "We are not at war with Egypt. We are in an armed conflict."

Mind you, Eden had a temperature of 41C and was high on bennies at the time. I wonder what's Gen. Vance's (and Justin's and Col. Sajjan's) excuse?

PS: I notice you been savin' em up over your extended break.

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