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Monday, February 29, 2016


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Fair points, but we have to consider that for the 'Greed' force, there is not going to be as much easy money to toss around. The economy is going to be tough and might get tougher.

Trudeau is where he is because daddy and because Harper was too stupid to step out in 2013 like anyone with any political sense would have done. And his campaign was a joke. It's basically up to the Tories. If they nominate for leader someone intelligent and non-reactionary and sellable like Bernier or, if they are feeling adventurous, O'Leary, they can put the Liberals under stress. Maybe pushing them out over a couple elections. If they nominate some mouth-breathing reactionary doofus like McKay or Kenney then they are staying in the wilderness and Trudeau has nothing to worry about.

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