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Friday, March 25, 2016


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John Chittick

Trump is the best thing that Hillary has going for her. Cruz is the real anti-establishment candidate, particularly after Rand Paul dropped out.

Jaedo Drax

Mitt Romney is the John Tory of American presidential politics. doesn't really believe anything, makes the right noises, tries to come across as building a coalition but usually involving the wrong people. Also like John Tory, he loses easily winnable elections.


I met the Donald in 1997. It was a smallish group, about thirty people. He gave an off the cuff talk for about 30 minutes then opened up for questions. He was extremely candid. Nothing was "off the table". At the time he was in the process of divorcing Marla. When asked why he told us about the pre-nup escalation clause. The clause provided a current settlement of 5 million. He indicated that the clause rose to 20 million in six months and after looking at her he said she just wasn't worth 15 million.

He was asked what made him happy. He indicated that he did not know happiness and didn't think he had ever been happy. At best, he said he was occasionally content.

My impression was that of a man who had "flexibility" in his core beliefs but had extreme confidence in his abilities. He told us tales of his successful deals and his "magnificent failures". He was proud of both saying that you celebrate your successes but only learn from your failures.

At his core, he is a proud American who I believe has become disenchanted with the political class and the damage they have brought to his country. He does say it like it is and the consequences be damned. I think this is what a lot of people feel and he has tapped into it better than any of the other candidates. Would I vote for him? Only if he was the last man standing but would hold my nose the whole time. He is still a far better choice than that skank Hillary.


Hillary Clinton is basically assured the presidency at this point and that is the least of the GOP/US conservative movement's problems that will come of The Trumpening. If Trump is the lead man for the GOP, that's it. Their goose is cooked. The US progressive movement will not have a serious opposing force, though one could argue based on the long history of Conservative failure, it never did. The Trumpening and Clinton's crushing victory will end that illusion. Maybe that's just what's needed.

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