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Monday, March 07, 2016


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John Chittick

Parroting the CAGW hysteria means that you get to hang out with the progressive in-crowd, have cocktails with media types, pretend not to be a pretending conservative and instead, part of the cultural mainstream.....for a minute or two.

Will S.

You know what I liked about Mike Harris? Not much, other than his getting rid of photo radar; I didn't like his downloading highways onto municipalities, nor the forced amalgamation of municipalities together.

But one thing I did appreciate was his neutrality on social issues. While I am a social conservative and would prefer politicians campaigning on and implementing socially conservative policies, I'm grateful, in a time when none have the guts to do so are alas are socially liberal, when they simply do nothing on the matter. Like Rob Ford, who refused to march in gay pride parades, and got flack for it. He wasn't even a socon, he just didn't give a shit. Fair enough.

Patrick Brown has signalled his intent to march.

So, apart from throwing one bone to so-cons, opposing Wynne's sex-ed curriculum, he will enthusiastically endorse the zeitgeist, as regards social issues. Instead of just staying out of them.

Damn him.

I'll decline my ballot, or find a protest candidate, again, as in previous elections.

Stupid OnTories.

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