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Monday, April 18, 2016


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Stories like these are the principal reason why trust in the media has fallen below that of politicians. At best this is "spin"; at worst it is an outright lie by evading Trudeau's intellectual deficiency, omitting critical facts that would disclose it and contextualizing the facts to create a false impression. Only 6% of people have a lot of confidence in the accuracy of the media. Six in ten can actually recall a specific story or reporting on an event that caused this. For more read this article and see how the media spins these facts to "help" the reader conclude it's not the media it's social media. Lying bastards all of them. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/35c595900e0a4ffd99fbdc48a336a6d8/poll-vast-majority-americans-dont-trust-news-media

John Chittick

It's a good gig. He has Jerry to to his thinking and policy formation and the media to do his PR.

Jim Whyte

The Dauphin stayed on message in the first sentence -- he is correct, except that nobody's used wires in their computer since the glory days of IBM and Univac.

He got lost in the second sentence: it's not that the value of the qubit is uncertain, but that it is multivariate.

So even the "clearly memorized and clearly rehearsed" wasn't all that impressive.

Jim Whyte

And of course how soon they forget his "decimals/decibels" confusion.

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