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Wednesday, April 06, 2016


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I think you're right that current Canadian activities regarding refugees are strongly fueled by our desire to feel morally creditable, and no, our initiatives aren't a solution to the overall refugee problem. But so what? Bringing in our handful of refugees is a doable and down-to-earth way of (partly) solving the problem facing the specific families who come here. The assumption that human messes should be addressed through some type of comprehensive, systematic, state-devised solution that will deal with "the root of the issue" and fix everything in toto is one of modernity's sketchier mental reflexes. Here's to patched-together make-do responses that help real people--leave the statistical analysis of human aggregates to the actuaries or evolutionary biologists or whatever.

As to the idea that Middle Easterners' "collectivist" streak is what produces tyranny in the region: how are Middle Easterners any more collectively oriented than, say, the people of India, to use a society you mentioned? The latter doesn't seem to have the trouble with tyranny you ascribe to the former. Boo to the precious individualism of modernity (that's Trudeau's territory)--we could use a little more group-mindedness over here.

Mark Collins

Post at CGAI's "3Ds Blog" based on yours:

"The West and the Middle East: No Guts"



Joel gets it right at least in his first paragraph (no thanks to more group-mindedness you can go to Facebook for more of that). Admitting refugees and more immigrants in general is the fastest easiest way to 1) make Canada economically and socially strong and 2) make the world a freer place.

The ME is changing. The Arab Spring was the first stage of this and although it did not turn out so great it's part of a long-term process that will see collectivism rolled back. Hell, Dubai is more pro-capitalism than anywhere in Europe that isn't a microstate.

The claim of 'hundreds of rapes' is highly dodgy. There were incidents but they seem to have been exaggerated in the fever-dreams of Mark Steyn & co. In any event, the troubles can laid at the feet of a disarmed society.

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